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Club Sells Out of Caramel Corn at Car Show
With a record number of cars came a record number of caramel corn buyers. Our ssaels were fast and furious and we sold the entire lot. Thaanks to the team for selling 85 bags of corn!

Photos courtesy of Ron Beeber
Sculpting   Sculpting
Caramel Corn Was a Big Seller!   L to R: Ron (President), Gene (Chief Popper),
Jim (Chief Marketing Officer)

Club Kicks Off 1st Meeting of the Season
About 40 members and guests helped kick off the first meeting of the new program year at the Friendship Center. Our new President, Ron Christian conducted the meeting with style! Village President, Juanita Pierman, introduced our guest speaker, Senator Goeff Hansen who gave us an update from Lansing. Our meetings continue weekly on Thursdays at 11:00 AM at the School Library.

Photos courtesy of Ed Bigelow
Sculpting   Sculpting
Cindy and Ron Review Friendship Center's
Activity Calendar
  Senator Goeff Hansen
Provides Update from Lansing

Club Marches in Home Coming Parade
25 members and as many guests participated in presenting the Service Club in the this year's Home Coming Parade on Saturday Afternoon, 15 August. Of special note is our new President, Ron Christian, Citizen of the Year, and firework collections totalling $2,450. Thanks to all who made this a spectacular parade entry!

Photos courtesy of Ron Beeber. (Watch Chamber's Home Coming Video)

Sculpting   Sculpting
Lining Up for Parade   Sam Announces the Club's Parade Entry
Sculpting   Winner
New Club President: Ron Christian   A Pat Collins: 2015 Citizen of the Year
Sculpters   Winner
Members and Guest Represent the Club   Donations for Fireworks - A Worthy Community Project

Sculptors Sculpt "SENSES OF SUMMER" Scenes In Sand
52 teams, 167 participants, and over 350 people were on the beach at the Sand Sculpture Contest on Friday August 14th. The weather was perfect for the event. The temperature was hot and so were the sculpture ideas!

Photos courtesy of Ron Beeber.     Sand Sculpture Facebook Page & Photos

Sculpting   Sculpting
Taking Position   Don;t Squirt Your Sister!
Sculpting   Winner
Let the Sculpting Begin   A Winner in the Making
Sculpters   Winner
Winner: Lunch Time   Prize Well Earned

Club Really Cleans Up Again! - Next Clean-Up Thursday 01 Oct.
Members beautify US RTE 31 three times a year. Photos courtesy of Ron Beeber.

Adopt-A-Highway   Briefing
Worthy Local Project   Ready to Work after Safety Briefing
Clean-Up   Clean-Up
Two Workers & Two Inspectors   Hard at Work

Club Serves Food at Spring Fest Art and Craft Festival
The club's annual participation in the Arts and Crafts Festival provides food for fair goers and raises money for philanthropic activities. Photos courtesy of Ron Beeber.

Customers   Pop COrn
Customers Served with a Smile   Ron Pops Fresh Pop Corn
Dinner   Pop COrn
Popcorn, Caramel Corn, Candy Bars, Water!   (L to R) Larry, Jerry, Jim, and Phil
Hard at Work

Club Elects new Officers!
The Service Club just elected new officers at their June business meeting. Bill Maxwell, out-going President, turned the reigns over to Ron Christians, our new President. John Fass was elected Vice President. Bill Maxwell was elected to be our Secretary Pro Temp and Robert Forrester was elected to a second term as our Treasurer. Voting was unanimous due to the quality the four new officers bring to the jobs. Bill Maxwell received a long and strong round of applause for his contributions as President for the last three years.

New School Playground - Another Worthy Community Project!
Service Club members Glenn Beavis, Jim Howell, Terry Valenzano, and Ron Christians are among the many community volunteers who helped install the new playground at Pentwater School on May 28-30.
Playground Set-uo
Photos and News submitted by Ron Beeber.

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