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Pentwater Smart Streets Plan

Norm Shotwell, Village Council Member and Chairman of the Services Committee, introduces the new Smart Street plan to fund and enhance Pentwater streets, water, sewer, and storm sewer enhancements. Norm, pictured on left, then introduced the engineer from Wade Trim Enginnering, pictured on right, who has been making initial infrastructure assessments and assisting with plan development.

Photo courtesy of Ed Bigelow
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Michigan State Police Update

First Lieutenant Frank Jeffrey White, Michigan State Police, Hart Post, provides an overview of the State Police Post consolidation and policing efforts.

Photo courtesy of Ed Bigelow
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Pentwater Scouts Reach “FINAL FOUR” Goal

Triggered by the Service Club, and facilitated by the Community Foundation for Oceana County (CFOC), Troop 1145 raised the final $4,000 needed by March 1 so everyone slated to take a rugged, 12-day trek at the Philmont Scout Ranch in New Mexico this summer can do so.

“We raised $11,000 the past two years doing various service projects,” said Troop 1145 Scoutmaster Rick Quinn. “But two weeks ago, we were $4,000 short of the funds needed to send every Scout and mentor in our contingent." “When the Service Club heard about this," said President, Ron Christians. "Our members were quick to okay $1,000 of our funds for a challenge grant to attract the remaining dollars needed.”

“I can’t express how much we appreciate everything the Service Club and the community have done for us," said Scoutmaster Quinn! "Thanks to the community for chipping-in and making a great place even better!"

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Boy Scouts Bound for Philmont Scout Ranch    

Digital Sound System Technology

Rob Splane from West Coast Integration, LLC in Mears, explains how new digital sound systems work. Arena Sound Systems Technology. Rob and his family vacationed in the Pentwater area for 20 years before moving to Mears three years ago where he reestablished his high-tech electronic integration business serving businesses along Michigan’s West Coast. He talked about a number of recent projects including several which use many strategically positioned small speakers throughout the audience area rather than one or two big speakers “blaring” from one point.

Photo courtesy of Ed Bigelow
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Andrew Skinner Presents “Talking Good Photos”
Editor, Oceana’s Herald-Journal, Andrew Skinner presented a portfolio of his photographic journalism and shared tips on framing scenes to capture more memorable moments and tell more intriguing stories. He shared a number of heartwarming photos of his young family including cleverly staged and costumed “annual” photo shoots as Pilgrim father and Jedi Knight, Darth Vader, with his daughters.

Andrew begins with photo from PTW Mgazine    

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