COME JOIN US! Our weekly education meetings started in September and continue through May. Guests are always invited to attend with one of our members and have lunch with us! Meet the "movers and shakers" in Pentwater and have some fantastic conversations. Learn how we are Making a Great Place Even Better!


Membership in the Service Club is open to anyone and becoming a member is easy! Attend one of our meetings, complete a membership form, and pay your $36 .00 pro-rated, annual dues. That's it!
All events, projects, and meeting attendance are voluntary. Attendance at meetings and work events IS NOT REQUIRED, is always encouraged, and voluntary. There is never any pressure to attend meetings or work events - we promise.
Yearly dues are $36.00 for September through the following August. Dues for new members are pro-rated based on the month when you join.
Lunch follows educational meetings. Costs for other events varies with the programs and is announced in advance of registration.

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